Dress up as your fave birth control for Halloween this year

Say Thanks, Birth Control the best way we know how

As we approach the end of October each year, we become positively giddy. Not only is Halloween coming, but so is Thanks, Birth Control Day (November 16th this year—mark your calendar!). This year we’ve decided to celebrate BOTH AT THE SAME TIME by sharing five birth control costume ideas. Make sure you tag #ThxBirthControl in your photos if you make one of these!

1. The IUD

There are lots of different takes on the IUD costume, but we like this one because it gives you two for one: both a uterus costume and an IUD costume. An oversized red sweatshirt, some felt, a glue gun, and a huge smile are all you need to make this costume your own.

2. The pill

If you’ve got mad sewing skills you could make your own Pillamina, but if you’re just an average mortal, you can take the easier path by fashioning yourself a sandwich board with some cardboard and twine and using construction paper to make the pills.

3. A condom

There are so many directions to go in with a condom costume. We say tailor it to whatever you have lying around the house already. A bodysuit that matches your skin tone? Perfect. Some plastic sheeting left over from a construction project? Perfect—just make sure to break the #1 rule of condoms and poke a hole so you can breathe. A raincoat? Make it work!!! Just tighten it around your face and call it a condom. Or if you’re feeling crafty, try our tutorial for condom earrings.

4. The ring

This is a pretty good low-effort costume (and method!). Just get yourself a white hula hoop and carry it around all night. Or kick it up a notch and go as a penis with the ring around it (if you know, you know) by dressing in clothes that match your skin tone and putting the hula hoop around your neck.

5. Sterilization

Get yourself some rubber tubing, tie it in a knot, fling it over your shoulder, and call yourself sterilization!


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