Everyday things you can do for your partner that are actually super hot

Forget foreplay, just do these

It’s easy to forget how simple it can actually be to turn your partner on. You don’t need new underwear, candles, or even to practice your dirty talk skills. All you need is a willingness to do slightly annoying and/or challenging tasks. These are seven of our favorite everyday things you can do to turn on your partner.

1. Do the laundry AND put it away nicely

Doing the laundry is hot, but nothing–NOTHING–is hotter than doing the laundry and then folding what needs to be folded and hanging up what needs to be hung up.

2. Make sure their favorite mug is clean every day

Even if dishes are piling up in the sink, wash that one favorite mug that you know they’re going to want to put their coffee in.

3. Ask about their day AND listen to their answer

Sure asking is nice, but did you ever have someone actually listen to your answer too? If so, did you marry them? You should have.

4. Come up with ideas for dinner

“What should we do for dinner?” is the death knell of the modern relationship. Instead try, “How about tacos?” They will definitely say no to tacos, but that’s not the point.

5. Remember a problem they had last week and ask for an update

This is an advanced move and should only be attempted by professionals who are prepared for the consequences (read: armed with condoms).

6. Clean that one really gross thing that’s gone on too long

You know what it is. Neither of you wants to clean it, and you both look at it every day and curse each other’s name. Go clean it, take a photo after, text it to your partner, and thank us later.

7. Make a phone call for them

The girls that get it, get it.

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