Why you should be scheduling sex if you're not already

No shame in the calendar game

Don’t listen to the haters who want you to believe that sex is only good when it’s spontaneous and that scheduling sex is unsexy. While the scheduling itself isn’t necessarily sexy, having sex is, which is the whole point of scheduling it. If you have a lot going on in your life or you just find it easier to flop down on the couch when you’re tired, scheduling sex can get you closer to the sex life you want. Here are some additional benefits, beyond the sex itself:

1. You can plan what you eat

This one’s for the garlic eaters, lactose intolerant cheese-lovers, and legume fanatics out there. We’re not ones to tell people what not to eat, but if you prefer to avoid bad breath and/or gassy incidents during sex, it’s something to consider.

2. You can make sure your toys are charged

This is possibly the best reason to schedule sex. Is sex without your favorite wireless toy even sex? (Yes, it is, but it’s probably not as good.)

3. You can get yourself in the mood

One great thing about scheduling sex is that you can get yourself in the mood ahead of time. Play some music, give yourself a foot rub, whatever works for you.

4. You can both shower

Spontaneous sex can be hot for many reasons, but sometimes you’d prefer not to smell like you just got home from the gym.

5. You can make a plan to remove distractions

Distractions could include your children, your phones, a messy house, a very curious cat–really any number of things. Scheduling sex allows you to get all of that out of the way so you can focus on what really matters.

6. You can build up to it

When you know exactly when it’s going to happen, you can start your foreplay days in advance. Every day brings a new opportunity to send your partner a hot text telling them how much you want them and can’t wait for your “appointment.”

7. You can give it the time it deserves

Quickies have a time and place, but sometimes you just want to keep going until you can’t go anymore. The beauty of scheduling sex is that you can block off as much time as you want (or as much time as your cat will give you).

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