Get your motor running: How to jumpstart your sex drive

When things are good and you’re regularly getting turned on, you don’t think it’s ever going to happen. But it’s not uncommon to lack a little fire-in-the-pants from time to time.

Could be depression or stress. Or you’re too busy to find the time. Or maybe your relationship has grown a little stale. And sometimes there’s no real reason at all; you’re just not feeling it.

Again, it’s pretty normal, so try not to worry about it. But if you do lose your sex drive and want to get it going again, here are a few ways to get your mojo back.

1. Work out together. 30-minutes of physical activity increases blood flow to your sex organs, releases endorphins, increases dopamine, and helps build self-esteem. You’ll feel relaxed, happier, and way sexy. Bonus: His sweat actually has a scent that can naturally improve your mood and trigger arousal. Skip the shower. Jump into bed.

2. Be naughty. Go on a date, go commando, and tell him what you’re not wearing while you’re out. Or buy some new lingerie that makes you feel like a sex kitten. Shaking things up adds excitement and that can get you hot.

3. Switch up your birth control. Does your method kill your mood? Consider upgrading to something easier or one that lets you be more spontaneous.

4. Go away together. Leave your usual routine behind and do something different. New surroundings can break you out of a rut and reactivate your desire. If you can’t go away, try initiating foreplay in a room where you never have sex.

5. Make out for at least 5 minutes. You did it when you first hooked up and it’s time to do it again. Long, passionate kisses elevate blood pressure, increase your heart rate, and transfer a little of his testosterone – all of which help you get hot and bothered.

6. Eat better. Try incorporating oysters, bananas, salmon, ginger, garlic, flax seed, high quality chocolate, celery, or figs into your diet. These aren’t just mythical aphrodisiacs; they also support your sex hormones and increase libido.

If you play around with these tips and still have no interest in sex, you may want to consult a doctor. Sometimes our hormones get out of whack and that can decrease your sex drive. A doc can help you get back on track.

Is it hot in here or is it just you, Bedsider

P.S. Fire-in-the-pants (noun; slang): A strong desire to have sex.
P.P.S. Got questions about birth control? We’ve got a ton of answers.