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  • Do transgender people need to use birth control?
  • What's an ovarian cyst?
  • Does birth control cause blood clots?
  • How effective is the shot at preventing pregnancy?
  • Is there anything I can do if my periods are heavier and my cramps are worse since I got my IUD?
  • I'm worried that if I don't bleed regularly with the implant then I won't know if I get pregnant.
  • What if I'm using condoms, but they keep slipping or breaking?
  • Is the birth control pill dangerous?
  • Can I swim or take a shower while I’m wearing the patch?
  • What's the oldest method of birth control?
  • Do I have to be sexually active to be on birth control?
  • Is it okay for me to take my own IUD out?
  • Can the ring get lost in my vagina?
  • Can I get pregnant from anal sex?
  • My IUD was expelled. Should I try again?
  • Is it true that most condoms are about the same size—even Magnums?
  • How effective is the implant at preventing pregnancy?
  • How effective is the pill at preventing pregnancy?
  • How much does the internal condom cost?
  • What can I do if taking the pill makes me nauseous?
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