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  • Can I get a diaphragm at the grocery store or pharmacy?
  • Does the IUD protect against STIs?
  • How soon can I get pregnant after I go off the ring?
  • Is there male birth control?
  • Can I get pregnant from oral sex?
  • Can I get pregnant when I'm on my period?
  • Do antibiotics affect how effective the pill is?
  • What types of lube are safe to use with condoms?
  • How effective is the shot at preventing pregnancy?
  • What should I do if I want to have sex on my fertile days?
  • How effective is the diaphragm at preventing pregnancy?
  • The ring is too expensive. Any suggestions about how to get it for less?
  • Is there anything I can do if my periods are heavier and my cramps are worse since I got my IUD?
  • What if condoms are reducing my partner's sensitivity?
  • Can I use the pill to control when I have my period?
  • Oops, what if I had sex on the wrong day when using fertility awareness methods?
  • Is there a birth control that’s drunk-hookup ready?
  • How long can sperm live in the reproductive tract?
  • Will birth control make me gain weight?
  • How effective is the sponge at preventing pregnancy?
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