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  • How will emergency contraception pills affect my next period?
  • I took EC for unprotected sex then I had unprotected sex again. Should I take EC again?
  • How can I avoid nausea as a side effect of taking emergency contraception?
  • How do I time taking emergency contraception pills?
  • What is levonorgestrel?
  • Plan B seems expensive for one use. Is there a cheaper version?
  • The condom broke. What should I do?
  • Is birth control available over the counter?
  • How is ella different from Plan B One-Step or Next Choice One Dose?
  • What if my local pharmacy doesn't stock or runs out of emergency contraception?
  • Is emergency contraception the same thing as the abortion pill?
  • Does being overweight affect how well birth control works?
  • How effective is emergency contraception at preventing pregnancy?
  • If I think I could be pregnant, what should I do?
  • Can I get emergency contraception if I'm under 17?
  • Are guys allowed to buy emergency contraception?
  • Can I take the morning-after pill at night?
  • If I am using enzyme inducers (such as Dilantin the antibiotics rifampicin or griseofulvin, or St. John's Wort), will it make emergency contraceptive pills less effective?
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