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internal condom

  • Is there a birth control that’s drunk-hookup ready?
  • Is anal sex safer than vaginal sex?
  • Is birth control available over the counter?
  • What types of birth control are available over the counter?
  • How do you insert a internal condom?
  • I'm tired of using condoms, is there another birth control method that will also protect me from STIs?
  • What if the internal condom keeps getting stuck to my partner's penis?
  • Can I tell if someone else has an STI?
  • How common are STIs?
  • Do condoms prevent HPV?
  • Is the internal condom supposed to make a squeaking noise?
  • What's the deal with double bagging?
  • I’ve heard the internal condom can be stimulating—is that true?
  • Can I reuse a condom?
  • If I'm allergic to latex, is there another birth control method that will protect me from STIs?
  • The condom broke. What should I do?
  • When I stand up with my internal condom in, it sticks out a little. How can I stop it from doing that?
  • What types of lube are safe to use with condoms?
  • How much does the internal condom cost?
  • How effective are internal condoms at preventing pregnancy?
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