Doing a boss, an ex, that girl in spin class: Sex dreams and what they really mean

Dreamland is generally a pretty cool place and if you’re average, you have about three to five dreams a night. But have you ever had a sex dream? While we can’t analyze your specific dream, we can tell you what some common sex dreams might mean…just in case you wake up from one wondering WTF?


Could be with your BFF’s husband, your boss, or anyone taboo. This could be your way of subconsciously exploring a curiosity about someone. It might also reflect some inner guilt you’ve been feeling in your relationship. Research suggests that this type of dream could be more common among people who are in a sex rut. (BTW, if you’re in a rut, here are all of our Frisky Fridays tagged with Keeping Things Hot.)

Sex with a celebrity.

First you did Drake. Then there was that hot moment with Chris Pratt. You even brought Benedict Cumberbatch to bed….in your dreams. Celeb sex dreams can represent a desire to be in the spotlight more or to live a life of fame, wealth, and fabulousness. They can also mean you yearn to boost your social status. Some even believe this type of dream reflects that you feel linked or similar to the star.

Sex with your ex.

Don’t text them yet. Dreaming about your ex is not necessarily a sign that you are meant to be together. It’s more likely that you’re subconsciously working through old feelings you have about that relationship. Or, this kind of dream can be brought on when you start seeing someone new and suddenly find yourself dealing with old intimacy issues, heartache, bad habits, or other big feelings you felt with a former love.

Sex in public. (And they see you!)

Dreaming about having sex in public, getting caught, and feeling self-conscious might indicate that you are feeling insecure in real life or worried that people are talking behind your back.

Sex outside your usual sexual orientation.

Whether you’re gay or straight, it’s pretty common to dream of having sex with someone of a gender you don’t usually sleep with. And sometimes those dreams make you wonder about your sexual identity. Dreams are rarely literal and this kind can indicate that your view on what it means to be a man or woman is evolving, not your sexual orientation. Aside from how you identify sexually, these dreams can also represent an increase in self-confidence and self-acceptance; for example, loving someone of the same gender in your dreams can sometimes reflect how much you love yourself.

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