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Frisky Friday Top 5: Flirty emoji to charm someone’s pants off

Flirty texting—maybe it’s something that comes naturally to you, or maybe you find yourself at a loss when you want to translate come-hither feelings into a just a few characters. Luckily, emoji give us an easy way to communicate visually. There are always the good ol’ standbys (Image, anyone?) but here are some more options if you want to switch things up.

Shake it up: How to add a little oomph to your weekend

Weekend getaways will work. So will making time to set the mood. Wearing lingerie can do it. So can the right birth control. We’re talking about things that can add some oomph to your love life. But for those of you who’ve been there, tried that…here are a few more things you can have fun with to shake up your weekend and the bedroom.

Are you blushing? How to make sex (and birth control) less awkward

Just talking about sex and birth control can be seriously awkward. That’s why we asked Charreah Jackson, relationships editor for ESSENCE Magazine, to tackle that subject and dish out some really good advice. But what about the awkward things that happen when you’re actually getting it on?