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5 cards to send that friend who loves babies as long as they’re not her own
Priorities, people
Birth control
5 reasons people use (and love) birth control
Not getting pregnant is key, but it’s not everything
Birth control
10 things you can do rn (without getting a ton of shade) because you’re not pregnant
Go ahead, wash down that deli meat with some vodka
Activism & politics
Defend birth control access: Here’s how
From scripts to videos, we've got the tools you'll need to help protect affordable birth control for all.
Birth control
5 signs it’s time to switch birth control methods
Because life’s too short, and you don’t have time for nonsense
Better sex
Sex in the news: August edition
Our 10 favorite articles about sexual health from the last month
Birth control
Real Stories: Beyond the pill
The pill is a birth control classic—but it’s not right for everyone. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.
Birth control
Birth control and breast cancer: Breaking down the research
We're taking a closer look at a new study that links hormonal birth control and breast cancer.
Birth control
Ovarian cysts: No biggie, but birth control can help
Everything you never wanted to know—but probably should—about your ovaries.
Periods & vaginal health
A quick guide to skipping periods with birth control
If you use the pill or the ring, you don't need magic powers to control your menstrual cycle.
Which IUD is best for you?
There are a bunch of IUDs on the U.S. market, and they’re not one-size-fits all. Let us help you explore your options.
Mal, 30, IUD
Take care of your vaginal health as much as you can.
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