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There's lots we don't know about the Zika virus yet. If you're globetrotting in the meantime, stock up on bug spray, birth control, and condoms.


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Doctors have known about the Zika virus for nearly 70 years—so why is it only making headlines now? Zika virus is in the news because it’s on the move and affecting more people. It may also be linked to serious birth defects in babies whose mothers have been exposed to the virus.

Vibrators, flashing lights…STI and pregnancy prevention? W.o.w. is right.


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Good news! IXu LLC, a Michigan-based company that specializes in barrier contraception methods has created a vibrating female condom. The VA w.o.w. is “accessorized” with a heart or star-shaped “mini vibrating device” for hands-free clitoral stimulation.