We asked about your sex lives. Here's what you said.

Happy Valentine’s Day, bbs

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day this weekend, we put out a pleasure poll on Twitter to get some juicy details. Consider this our little box of chocolates for you.

Overall satisfaction

We love to see it! The majority of people who took our poll were happy with their sex lives, whether with a partner or alone. Still, over a third of you felt like your sex lives needed improvement. If that describes you, we can help.


What we heard about orgasms was a mixed bag. On the one hand, 38% of survey participants said they orgasm during partnered sex EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Which is pretty cool. And another 50% said they sometimes orgasm during partnered sex. Which could stand to be improved but isn’t a bad start!

On the other hand, two thirds of participants said they’ve faked an orgasm at some point—let’s hope that all happened long ago and none of us have faked it in years.


Interestingly, 50% of those who took our pleasure poll felt there was room for improvement in the frequency of their self-pleasure sessions. The other 50% reported masturbating at least once a week.


Y’all are killing the communication game. Almost 90% of participants said they’ve given their partner instructions for how to give them pleasure.

And 86% said they’re open to discussing masturbation with their partners. We’re impressed.

Sex toys

On the sex toy front, there’s some room for improvement, particularly when it comes to using sex toys with a partner. Almost 50% of people who took the poll said they never use sex toys during partnered sex, but they would like to. If this describes you, we’ve got some tips to help you get started!

A smaller (but still too high!) percentage of participants (21%) said they never use toys when masturbating despite wanting to. Luckily we’re giving away three $100 gift cards to Feelmore, one of our favorite sex shops ever, to new Frisky Friday subscribers this month. Tell a friend they can enter to win here.

Pandemic sex

Interestingly, respondents were pretty evenly split when reporting on how the pandemic has changed their sex lives. There were about the same number of people who said they’re having more sex than ever as there were people who said they’re having less sex than ever.


Texture ftw! Ribbed condoms were by far the fan favorite. May we suggest trying the internal condom for a little something different? It’s especially great for butt stuff—keeps everything squeaky clean.

Valentine’s Day

We were happy to see a solid 10% of our respondents will be spending Valentine’s Day the best way possible—with their fur babies.


P.S. Looking for a new way to express your love (or lust) this weekend? Try sending one of our virtual candy hearts.

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