Sexually transmitted infections (stis/stds)
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Activism & politics
What is the domestic gag rule and why should you care?
It’s bad. We need your help to stop it.
Better sex
Last-minute safer sex tips
Because it's never too late to prioritize your safety
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
3 people talk about their decision to use PrEP
Tay, Cordero, and Sam open up about PrEP and HIV prevention.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Let's talk about (safer) sex
Here's what you need to know about discussing HIV and STI prevention.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
5 myths about herpes, busted
This virus may be super-common, but there's still a lot most folks don't know about it.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Is PrEP right for you?
If you’re at high risk for HIV, PrEP might help reduce your chances of infection.
How to tell if you’re dating a jerk
How do you know the difference between a human with flaws and a human who doesn’t deserve you? Here are 6 signs that can help.
5 myths about the IUD, busted
U.S. women are catching on to the awesomeness of IUDs—but sometimes old myths die hard.
How to deal when you've been cheated on
Here are 5 ways to cope when you find out your bae’s been messing around.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
From Hep A to Zika: 9 infections you didn't know were STIs
Not to freak you out, but there are a bunch of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be transmitted through sex.
Sexual health & wellness
How to protect yourself if you’re traveling to a ‘Zika zone’
Don’t panic—here are the steps you can take to reduce your risk of Zika infection.
Birth control
Real Stories: LGBTQ folks talk birth control
People with a range of identities and orientations can benefit from birth control.
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