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Sex and Relationships
First date etiquette: going dutch, hitting the sack, and breaking all the rules
There’s no such thing as the right way to date.
Sex and Relationships
What you should know about sex in the water
Is everything better down where it’s wetter? Let us lay it out for you before you get wet and wild.
Birth Control
No pain, no gain: The IUD insertion process
Unlike me, you should take some advance measures to prepare yourself for the process.
Lifestyle and Inspiration
How shaving caused me to (literally and figuratively) grow balls
Last summer I grew balls. I’m not saying this in an I-got-spunky-and-feisty kind of way.
Sex and Relationships
15 warning signs he doesn’t support your contraceptive choices
One in five young women say they’ve experienced pregnancy coercion.
Sex and Relationships
Comprehensive safer sex part 3: Take it to the next level
Always bring a raincoat, even if you’re not expecting rain.
Sex and Relationships
Comprehensive safer sex part 2: Reduce your risk!
Start by talking to your partner before getting down to your skivvies—and go from there.
Sex and Relationships
Comprehensive safer sex part 1: It’s personal
I thought STIs wouldn’t happen to me.
Sex and Relationships
4 ways to avoid a 'catfish' situation
It’s an MTV reality show, it’s a popular hashtag on twitter…It’s “catfish.”
Sex and Relationships
5 ways your dating life may be driving your friends crazy
Friends are forever, but we often put more attention toward romantic relationships.
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