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Last minute safer sex tips


boundaries and safety , how-to, stis, problem solving, frisky friday, health

Think STI prevention kills the mood? Or that it’s always kind of a hassle? No way. A little planning makes it easy to help protect yourself against an STI. But what do you do when there’s no time to plan ahead and you really, really want to have sex? These hacks can help you stay safe in the moment without losing a minute of sexy time.

TMI: Can you really share too much?


boundaries and safety , frisky friday

You know how much we appreciate honest conversations about sexual health and birth control. And we love talking intimately about life and relationships. We also love it when you’re chatty, effusive, candid, and loquacious. Hell, we even like it when you’re mouthy, snarky, boisterous, and blunt.

But can you go too far or reveal too much?