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You are still sexy AF


frisky friday , article, self-love

As the pandemic drags on and we face a scary winter ahead of us, it’s easy to feel that the sexual part of us has left the building. But sex, whether it’s with a partner or with yourself, can reduce stress and anxiety and boost your confidence—all things that would make weathering the rest of this pandemic easier.

December 2020 horoscopes: We made it


frisky friday , horoscopes, relationships

We’ve officially kicked off what promises to be a very unusual holiday season. Fortunately we’re with Mariah, in that we don’t want a lot for Christmas (or Hanukkah, or any other holiday)–all we want is youuuuuuuuu, baaaaby. Or, you know, whomever. So read on to find out your love forecast for December.

How to get your groove back after having a SAP

Sometimes forces outside our control seem to be conspiring to make our genitalia shrivel up and fall off like little strips of dried mango. We’re living through just such a time right now, but there is, for the first time in so long, a light at the end of the tunnel. So what can you do to prepare for when your fun bits might be ready to rejoin the land of the living?

These birth control coloring pages will calm your nerves

It feels like every week we’re saying “phew, wow, this is a lot.” And this week deserves a “PHEW, WOW, THIS REALLY IS A WHOLE LOT.” However you’re feeling right now—anxious, excited, angry, sad, resigned, tired, scared, or anything else—is okay and normal and understandable. And we made you some coloring pages to help you as you process all of those big feelings.