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What to do with your dusty, unused sex toys


frisky friday , better sex, self-love

Are your sex toys just a pile of neglected silicone, a shrine to better days, looking both sad and also somehow smug? Are they taunting you by reminding you of a time when you used to know how to have fun? No problem, we’re here with 5 not-sad-at-all alternative uses for your sex toys so you no longer have to sit idly by while they laugh at you and conspire to eat your face after you die alone in your apartment.

March 2021 horoscopes: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

March showers bring…wait, no, that’s April showers. So it’s still winter. But even so, the ground is beginning to shift and make room for new life to shoot up in the coming months. March will bring the first rumblings of change, and we are HERE. FOR. IT. That’s not to say that change always feels smooth or easy—we said rumblings, didn’t we? Not caresses or soft kisses. But if we can ride it out (and we can), it will be so worth it.

5 ways to delay your orgasm


frisky friday , better sex, relationships

Whether you’re edging, trying to achieve the coveted simultaneous orgasm, or practicing the withdrawal method and want your partner to come before you pull out, sex is not always about getting to the finish line. You have your reasons, and we celebrate them. So here are 5 tried-and-true ways to delay your orgasm.

Is it wrong to dish about the D?

Part of the thrill of a first hookup with someone is giving your friends all the juicy details afterwards. But is it fair or right or a good idea to share actual d*ck deets? Emily Post didn’t exactly weigh in on this topic, so we’re left to our own devices. While there isn’t a clear right and wrong answer to this question, there are both ethical and practical things you should think about as you ponder what’s right for you.