5 tips for the ultimate spring break

Making sure your vacation is lit, one tip at a time.

Spring is in the air. Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming—that is unless you live on the East Coast and winter cyclones are ripping through your city. This spring break, whether you’re bundling up or baring all, we’re here to help you enjoy the ultimate vacation (or staycation).

Check out these five tips for making your spring break better than ever.

1. Don’t pick up the phone
Use at least some of this time to go on a social media hiatus so you can fully soak up your experience. You can post all those sweet selfies once you get back home (especially for #tbt posts). It’ll help you to remember all the fun you had.

2. Pack the essentials (and then some)
On spring break, things can get real hot, real quick (and we aren’t just talking about the sun). A little sunscreen, a pair of Bedsider sunnies, some condoms, extra pairs of cute undies, and your fave birth control can all go a long way for a fun vacay without the burn. A comfy pair of shoes for nights out are also a must so you can dance your heart out. Oh yea, and don’t forget to take your #ThxBirthControl tee for those cute selfies.

These pack-with-me videos will give you all the spring break packing inspo you need.

3. Stay hydrated
Spring break is definitely time to let loose, get wild, and party like a rockstar (if that’s your thing), but you don’t want to go too far. Try to get some sleep and drink lots of water. These koozies are perfect for chillin’ on the beach.

4. Stick together
As fun as spring break is glammed up to be, you still gotta watch your back wherever you go (cue besties). Staying in groups instead of making solo-missions is an easy and fun way to ensure safety while adventuring. Besides, the best memories are usually made with good company.

5. Enjoy yourself
Spring break is the perfect opportunity for you to have fun and change things up. Have sex on the beach, try out new positions, take your talents to the kitchen, or test your flexibility with hot yoga sessions. Whatever you do and wherever you go (or not go), just have the time of your life.

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