August horoscopes: Storm’s a-brewin’

We’ve got your back while you weather the weather.

August has a reputation for being a slow and simmering month, but the stars suggest that a lot of change and fluctuation might be on the horizon. Hold on tight, it might be a bumpy ride.


Your confident and self-assured vibes usually keep your sex life hotter than the August weather, but your libido might be feeling a little blah right now. An especially annoying way to ring in Leo season, we know! But it’s temporary, we promise. Use this time to focus on some bigger picture problem-solving. In the meantime, remember to stay flexible and connected to others, especially your partner and their needs, and you’ll feel more like yourself again in no time.


If your sex life is feeling a bit off balance, be careful of over-correcting for it. Try not to make up for insecurities by totally shutting down, or by going overboard with initiation. It’s hard to find the middle ground, and going back and forth between the extremes might give mixed signals. To make matters even trickier, as a hyper-aware, detail-focused Virgo, it’s easy for you to overthink things. This is a super important time to focus on keeping communication as open as possible with your partner. Let yourself be vulnerable, and you’ll both find a better sexual balance.


Sex is just one of about a million things on your mind this month. You always want to keep things harmonious with your partner, but you’re feeling spread thin. Libras are the ultimate relationship sign, and you don’t want to disconnect from your partner’s needs, but you really need some extra couch time more than you need those extra romps. There’s a balance that will work for both of you, though, and you can find it by alternating between quiet you-time and sexy intimate-time with your partner.


2018 has kept your sex life lit, and you’ve been enjoying the extra heat. But eight months into the year, things might be starting to feel a little less straightforward than they did back in January. If you’re feeling some complicated dynamics between you and your partner, it might be because your needs are clashing, and you’re both having a hard time letting go of what you want. Compromise can be tough, but the easiest path forward is for both of you to let go of the need to be right. Be vulnerable so you can get to the underlying issues, and you might just find that you both actually want the same thing.


Your need for sex hasn’t changed, but maybe the mind-body connection you normally feel between the sheets is eluding you this month. Your attention might just be pulled away from sex and relationships right now. But fortunately, you’re used to a sex life that is free and uninhibited, with lots of play, so you’re able to roll with some natural ups and downs. You may be feeling especially rebellious right now (even when it comes to your usual healthy habits), but don’t let your birth control slip. Taking good care of your body will free up some of that blocked energy. Capricorn

People at work notice how practical, responsible, and measured you are (especially lately), but that doesn’t mean you don’t let your hair down (and take your bra off) the minute you get home. Regular sexual outlets keep you sane, which makes it especially frustrating to feel like your usual tricks just aren’t doing the trick this month. Maybe you’re having trouble initiating, or feeling too mentally blocked or distracted to orgasm. Getting through it will take some extra patience, but fortunately, you have more patience than most. And luckily, you’ll be feeling re-aligned before the end of the month.


Even at the best of times, you are sometimes on your own little cloud, Aquarius, where you can be hard for your partner to reach. But this month, you may be especially stuck in your own head, and overthinking things can make it hard to get in the moment with your partner. Our advice: you can’t think your way out of overthinking. Just be patient and listen to your body. Your sex drive will march to the beat of its own drummer, and that’s just fine! Don’t force it, and don’t let anybody else force it either.


You need a deep emotional connection to feel safe in sexual relationships. But something may be shifting in the physical connection between you and your partner this month. You may start to feel some anxiety bubbling up inside you about it, and it might create some distance between the two of you that can be tough to talk about. It could be something serious that you need to work through, or it could just be a general funk. Don’t worry, little fish—by the end of the month, you’ll find some deeper physical intimacy that will help you figure out what you need. In the meantime, keep your eyes, ears, and mind open.


Your sex life might be feeling a bit tangled up lately, like your usual routine isn’t working for you and your partner. It could be because there are some new or complicated circumstances between the two of you, and it’s making you unsure about initiating sex. Avoid the temptation to ignore the icky feelings, and take the time (and the initiative) to work through the stuff that’s coming between you. It’ll be worth it, we promise. Your sexual setbacks might just turn into sexual breakthroughs by the end of the month.


You’ve been feeling yourself lately in the best way possible, and it’s got your libido on overdrive. So what to do if your partner’s sexual appetite is at a low this month? Give them space, and stay attuned to whether their shift in sex drive might be related to other changes or problems that need your support. Be patient and compromise, and your relationship will end up better for it. (And hey, this is a great opportunity to partake in some self-love practice, too.)


True to your sign, you’re feeling a little internally divided lately: your sex drive will feel totally dormant one day, and have you ready to rip your clothes off the next. Fortunately, you’re a gifted communicator, and while you might not know why your body and brain are feeling the way they are, you’ll be well-equipped to talk it over with your partner. Things might feel chaotic, but if you take the time to articulate your feelings, you’ll be met with respect and understanding. And don’t worry, you’ll be feeling more balanced by the end of the month.


If you’ve been more emotional than usual, there are two things to keep in mind for some much-needed grounding: trust and intimacy. If you have a partner you trust, sex can soar to new heights this month as a result of some heart-to-heart talks, slow and intense foreplay, and generally feeling especially safe and comfortable with one another. If you’re single but have had your eye on someone, don’t ignore your instincts. Your heightened emotional intelligence will let you know if you two aren’t a good fit, and, right now, you need sex to be an expression of deep trust and connection.


P.S. Don’t forget to stay on top of your birth control so you’ll be ready for whatever the stars have lined up for you this month!

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