How to put on a sock

Hint: we’re really talking about condoms!

Hero and genius sex educator Sanford Johnson figured out how to make the most from the absolute least after Mississippi banned condom demonstrations in schools. Teachers were allowed to TALK about how to use condoms, but they couldn’t actually show their students. So Johnson decided he would make a YouTube video showing students how to put on a sock instead.

Because it’s Friday and we’re here to celebrate, we’re going to put a pin in the fact that providing students with quality sex education really should not be up for debate. For now, we’re just going to celebrate this man’s creative genius.

“Whether you’re wearing an athletic shoe or whether you’re using a dress shoe,” he nobly begins, “doesn’t matter to me, as long as your foot is protected. I want to make sure that you have on a sock.”

So now, without further ado, we bring you Johnson’s six-step process for putting on a sock:

  1. Pinch the air out of the tip of the sock to make room for your toes during shoe activities.

  2. Put the sock on your foot and roll it down. Don’t stop halfway! Roll it all the way down your foot.

  3. Put your foot inside the shoe.

  4. Engage in the shoe activity, whatever that may be for you.

  5. When you’re done, hold the top of the sock tightly and pull your foot out of the shoe.

  6. Take the sock off, tie it up, and toss it in the hamper.

We love this man, we love condoms, and we love you. So check out Johnson’s full tutorial here and our very own step-by-step guide to putting on a condom here.


P.S. Remember folks, this is a sock we’re talking about. Please don’t toss your used condoms in the hamper (and while you’re at it, don’t flush them either, we’ve heard horror stories about toilets overflowing and condoms coming back up); they belong in the trash and only the trash. And remember, these little fellas are single use. Get a new one for each and every “shoe activity.”