October horoscopes: It’s worth the wait

If October has you feeling antsy, resist the urge to change too much too soon. There’s a lot to be learned this month—especially about your love life and what you need from a relationship—if you can quiet your head long enough to listen to your heart.


You’re focused on resolving some discord in your love life right now, and it’s eating up a lot of your energy. If you’re not in a relationship, maybe you’re just finding yourself drawn to dramatic and chaotic people and situations. The intensity might feel exciting on some level, but you may be missing out on healthier options. You’re the master of harmony and balance, but not everybody is worth harmonizing with—at the very least, keep your options open.


Your season is on the horizon, and you’re especially well-equipped to manifest what you want in life right now. But you might be surprised to discover something new about your desires this month: maybe finding the perfect love life no longer feels like the end game. Or maybe you’re in your feelings about past lovers or potential future ones. Whatever the case may be, strong feelings are totally normal, but be careful of placing too much importance on them. Lay low for now—you won’t regret it.


You tend to live your love life out loud, in ALL CAPS, but this month may draw you into a quieter, more secretive type of love interest. You’re suddenly drawn towards someone quiet (and possibly also unavailable), which feels new and exotic. But you might be romanticizing somebody who isn’t a good fit for you. Trust your instincts and know when it’s time to call it.


You’re looking for a feeling of genuine friendship and camaraderie in either a current or future relationship, and you don’t feel like you’ve found it. This might be why you’ve had a nagging feeling lately that something is missing from your love life. Use this month as an opportunity to explore this need. You might uncover a whole new type of attraction as you narrow in on what you really need.


Some erratic energy in your life could keep you in a hot and cold pattern with a love interest this month. You might be sending them some majorly mixed signals, or maybe things were just starting to feel settled, but now they’ve taken a sudden turn. It’s possible that right now, you just need a love interest who’s ready and willing to tough it out with you through the turbulence.


You often keep your feelings right at the surface, which can make it especially tough for you to weather emotional storms—and you may be in for one this month. Amidst a wave of changing feelings, you could suddenly feel super aware of what you want and what you need to overcome to get it. This could push you to put yourself out there more, but brood on it too much and it could drag you into a bad place emotionally. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. It could be that this month shows you that the path to your desires is non-linear.


Whether you’ve got your eye on a potential new partner, or you’re heating things up with your current one, your primal urges are a driving force this month. You may notice a few lusty temptations moving into your line of vision. Before you try all the flavors being offered to you, notice whether deep down, you want to be more intentional about where (and on whom) you spend your energy. Finding balance in your desires will bring you to a powerful realization about what you really want in love.


You’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life, and that includes love. In fact, you might be feeling suddenly antsy for love and pleasure. Don’t let that urgency cloud your judgment, though, or you’ll risk going for someone who doesn’t meet your standards. Use October as an opportunity to get really intentional about the kind of love you want to manifest. It’ll be worth the wait.


This month has the potential to emotionally drain you. Maybe it’s because you’re currently trying to find your way out of a twisting, turning labyrinth of love drama. Out of all the signs, you’re best suited to handle this, but you still might find yourself exhausted by the ups-and-downs of a relationship, or the pursuit of a less-than-suitable love interest. Remember that there’s no deadline for finding agreement between your heart and your head, and you’ll be on track for deeper significance in your love choices.


Get out there and show off that irresistible Cancer charisma this month, but don’t panic if you find yourself feeling a bit unfulfilled by a night out. You’re craving a much deeper connection than you’re finding right now, and you may feel suddenly aware of what you’re really looking for. Trust the process: you’re seeking quality, and quality isn’t easy to find. But be careful about letting an old flame back in your life to keep you company in the meantime. It might not end well.


Feeling a bit frenzied about your love life? One of your driving factors right now might be a fear of missing out on somebody good and a desire to make sure you’re in their line of vision when/if they come along. Or maybe you’re obsessing over your decision to end a past relationship. No matter what’s weighing on your mind, your emotions are running high, and you may be tempted to act impulsively. Remember that when something is worth it, it’s worth waiting for… and not rushing into.


Your rational, level-headed instincts are a bit dormant this month, at least as far as love and sex are concerned. You’ve loosened up your normally rigid standards, you’re feeling suddenly aware of your primal cravings, and you’re wondering whether you should get out of your head and greet love with abandon. Push yourself to explore something new, but be kind to yourself if your overthinking tendencies come back around mid-month. Sometimes you just need to try things to get closer to knowing what you really want.


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