November horoscopes

Cold winds bring in change

Chilly weather might keep you inside this month, as Scorpio season brings a gust of secret, whispery energy. But changes of the heart (and libido) will keep you feeling anything but cold, even as winter sets in.


Your season has arrived, and it’s feeling as seductive and secretive as you are. Your romantic and sexual energy are high right now, and you might find yourself engaged in some heavy-duty flirtatious teasing. If you’re in a relationship, you might be noticing that your eyes are wandering a bit more than usual. Be careful: drama, suspense, and secrecy are fun in moderation, but make sure you’re using your superpowers of seduction for good, not evil.


There’s a lot going on behind the scenes for you this month, especially regarding your dreams and spirituality. You may also feel extra receptive to communication from others this month, which could help smooth over some bumps you and your partner(s) have had recently. This is a good month to practice listening more than you speak. Your openness will draw in the people and energy you need most.


You’re someone who likes to have a clear sense of where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. You might lose some of that clarity this month, which could leave you feeling unmoored. But this is an opportunity for some necessary (and maybe even overdue) prioritizing. Ask yourself what’s taking up most of your energy. Are there places where you need to draw or reinforce boundaries? Bear in mind that this will go both ways this month: your partner(s) won’t shy away from telling you what they need either, so make sure you’re listening.


Ready for your career goals to take off this month? Because the universe sure is! You’ll have a great opportunity this month to advance a professional goal or showcase your creative brilliance at work. And while the magic in your sign this month is mostly career-oriented, you’ll likely feel extra confident across the board, so push yourself out of your comfort zone and cultivate some new opportunities for success.


You know that dream you’ve been quietly turning over in your head for months? Or maybe it’s a creative project you haven’t talked about yet because it seems silly and unrealistic? November is your time to dig in, as your confidence and creativity are peaking. Your new project or adventure doesn’t mean you need to completely reinvent yourself, but stay open to that possibility! You might be on the verge of a necessary shift in your goals and life path.


Your romantic and social life might be falling into an unhealthy rut this month. Are you having the same arguments with your partner over and over again? Or maybe you’re feeling like the dynamic in a friend group is getting a little toxic. At least one of your close relationships needs some shaking up, and it might be time for some reflection on what you want out of those relationships. If the trouble is in your romantic life, find an opportunity to try something new in the bedroom, the most fun way to mix things up in your relationship.


You usually love to keep the peace, so you might be a little freaked out by how eagerly you approach confrontation this month. Have faith that your heightened anger, frustration, and/or excitement is entirely justified. You may have finally reached the end of your patience with a partner or love interest. If that’s the case, you’ll be ready and able this month to find the courage to walk away.


Feeling like you’re spread a little thin lately? You’ve been grappling with some external stressors that have you feeling ready to crawl in a hole and hibernate till spring. But this month isn’t the time to surrender, because you’ve got all KINDS of exciting magic working in your favor right now. Take stock of your personal wellness: are you eating well and sleeping enough? Are you feeling good about your sexual and romantic choices? You’re on the verge of a big, positive change, but you’ll need to help yourself get there.


You’re moving away from something that has run its course. Maybe it’s a job or a relationship, or something smaller, like a habit or an acquaintance. Instead of worrying about what you’re losing by letting go, focus on what you’re moving towards as a result. Any feelings of loss will be quickly washed away in the excitement of a new pursuit or project, which you’ll finally have the time and energy to run towards at full speed.


You’re the life of the party, but the party might need a rain check this month. Your usual gregarious, outgoing nature could feel a little dormant, and you might find that your attention is drawn inward. Give yourself the time and space to explore your inner self this month. Maybe it’s time to start a new DIY or art project. Whatever else you do, definitely spend some time celebrating yourself in the privacy of your home (wink wink).


You are your own harshest critic, often more so than the other signs. It’s not all bad (after all, it’s your perfectionism that makes you so reliable and focused), but too much self-criticism will gut your self-esteem. This month, the universe gives you a mandate to chill the f*&k out. Do something that relaxes and sustains you, like spending time with family you haven’t seen in a while, or taking your partner on a weekend trip (hotel sex is good for your soul, right?). You deserve a break.


You’re the friend who always gets nominated to organize reunion trips and birthday parties. Why? Because your combination of intellect and charisma makes you an amazing planner, and you love putting those skills to work, especially when it benefits the people you love. But it’s time to turn that talent inward and help yourself get through a sticky personal situation this month. Use your analytical mind and your knack for preparation to find your way through the muck to higher ground. You’ll get there, we promise.


P.S. Election Day is coming up on Tuesday, November 6th and there’s a lot at stake when it comes to birth control. Check out our guide to the midterm elections to find out why, how, and where to vote.

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