7 New Year’s resolutions that have nothing to do with your weight

And everything to do with your heart and mind

If you ask us, New Year’s resolutions are just another social construct designed to make us feel bad and then buy loads of things to try to make it better. But we know the “new year, new you” pressure can feel overwhelming, so we’ve put together 7 resolutions you can have for free that won’t make you feel like sh*t.

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1. Stop paying people to make you feel bad both physically and emotionally

First of all, that diet isn’t going to work anyways because DIETS DON’T WORK. And yes, it’s a diet, even if it’s being billed as a detox, a lifestyle change, a juice cleanse, or a wellness journey. Secondly, you don’t need to detox or cleanse, that’s the exclusive job of your liver and kidneys. Spend your precious money, time, and energy this year on making the world better instead of wasting it trying to make yourself smaller. #Riotsnotdiets, always.

2. Listen to your body

Despite what the diet industry would have you believe about hunger and cravings, your body knows what it needs. Eat when you’re hungry and eat what you’re hungry for. But it’s not just about eating. Your body will tell you what kind of movement feels good and what doesn’t. Guess what? Running isn’t for everyone. If your body is craving swimming, or gentle yoga, or deep stretches, do some dang swimming, gentle yoga, or deep stretches. If it’s craving rest and relaxation, rest and relax. And while you’re at it, go ahead and sleep some more instead of pushing yourself to the absolute limit in the name of productivity. Naps are awesome—take them whenever you can. (And yes, that includes parking lot naps and office floor naps.)

3. Cleanse your social media

This is the only kind of cleanse you need to do in 2019. Unfollow or mute any accounts that make you feel like you’re not good enough/happy enough/accomplished enough/thin enough/curvy enough/married enough/fun and single enough, etc.

4. Listen and learn

Resolve to learn and keep learning about privilege and about all of the structures and systems that oppress—including racism, ableism, fatphobia, transphobia, homophobia, and sexism. Listen to people who experience oppression that’s different from what you’ve experienced. Let the people who’ve experienced it lead the conversation. Just keep showing up.

5. Honor your sexual health

Your body is seriously magical. You are literally made of stardust. You deserve to be taken care of, so take care of yourself. Meet your own sexual needs, choose partners who cherish you, get yourself tested for STIs, get an annual checkup, and really think about whether your birth control is working for you, and if it’s not, find one that does. Find a provider who treats you with respect and who you feel safe talking to.

6. Say no to energy vampires

They can come in the form of coworkers, friends, siblings or even parents. Energy vampires may make you feel good momentarily when they pay attention to you, but that’s only going to last for as long as they’re getting what they want from you. You have too much to offer to settle for that toxic BS in place of real, mutually-supportive friendship.

7. Quit more

Quit your relationship if it’s not bringing you closer to who you really are. Quit friendships that don’t lift you up. Work towards quitting your job if you hate it. Quit your banjo lessons, quit your cable service provider, quit taking sh*t from toxic family members, quit saying yes when you want to say no, just quit. Cutting out things that don’t serve you anymore makes room in your life for what WILL serve you.

Happy 2019, bbs.


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