Why we love WAP and aren’t even a little sorry

Finally a song about lubrication

A few weeks ago, rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion made a splash on the internet when they released their new single “WAP.” It wasn’t long before people were chiming in to express their love or distaste for the song’s bold subject matter. Well, count us as superfans! Here we present you with five good, solid reasons why we can’t get enough of “WAP.”

1. It’s deliciously dirty

There’s something just so thrilling about singing along to a song with absolutely filthy lyrics. And filthy lyrics that celebrate the many magical powers of the vagina? Chef’s kiss.

2. It’s a sex positive anthem

We love “WAP” because it’s in-your-face and unapologetic about women’s pleasure. Too often, sex is depicted in popular culture as something that happens to women and femmes, not as something women actively enjoy doing and pursue. Sorry, Ben Shapiro, it turns out women love sex, too! (Be warned, you may have a DAP after watching that clip.)

Cardi and Megan are not afraid to tell their partners exactly what they want, like when Cardi says, “I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this little garage.” Truck metaphors might not be your thing, but WAP is full of inspiration to finds ways to creatively tell your partner what turns you on. Start with “I want” and let your imagination play.

3. It asserts women’s place in the genre

As a rap song, “WAP” claims women’s space in a male-dominated genre that often veers into misogynistic territory with cringe-inducing lyrics. Guys get to brag about their sexual prowess and genitalia and shout from the hilltops what they love to do in bed or out of it. Women, on the other hand, are often shamed for even admitting they like sex, let alone for being cheeky about it.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion prove they can talk a game as good as their male counterparts—and make it empowering. The sexy all-girl gang wears what they want, dances how they want, and says what they want—without anyone throwing them a side-eye. That’s the kind of freedom of sexual expression we think everyone should be able to have. Not to mention that from top to zebra-print bottom, not a single man appears in the “WAP” video, which we kind of love.

4. It celebrates the awesome power of lubrication

One of the best things about “WAP” is that it describes Cardi B’s experience with her body without shaming other women and femmes for theirs. Do you also need a bucket and a mop? Great! Not so much? That’s cool too! Lubrication is one of the vagina’s responses to sexual arousal, but factors such as hormonal changes, medication, and long sex sessions can affect how lubricated a vagina can be.

Don’t fret, because there’s more than one way to get wet. Slather on all the lube you want, whether it’s water-, silicone-, or oil-based. (Just make sure you don’t use an oil-based lubricant if you’re counting on a condom∫ to prevent pregnancy or STIs.) No such thing as a right or wrong way to get wet enough to have sex that feels good to you. Sometimes you might need a squirt of lube right of the middle of sex—that’s totally normal. Wet it up and then get it on!

5. It shouts out the pull out method

We just love it when the BC underdog, the pull out method (aka the withdrawal method), gets a moment in the sun. Cardi does say that her WAP makes her partner’s “pull out game weak,” which doesn’t necessarily make sense, but we forgive her for that. The keys to success with the pull out method are practice, self-control, and, you know, doing it right EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If you do it perfectly (which we admit isn’t easy), it’s 96% effective at preventing pregnancy. If you do it like most people do it (which is not perfectly), it’s 80% effective. You can be as wet or as dry as you like and that won’t have any impact the effectiveness of the method.

In conclusion, “WAP” is a late summer anthem for all seasons because it’s always a good time to love your vagina at the top of your lungs and be proud of your sexuality. WAP for the win!


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