Summer, here we come!

It's never too early to start celebrating the sexiest season

While summer doesn’t technically start for another month, we consider Memorial Day its unofficial beginning. And this year, we’re kicking off the season with a collection of some of our favorite articles about summer.

1. Summer date ideas for every zodiac sign

This summer, follow your heart (and the stars) and plan the kind of dates that will fit your personality, or your date’s, like a glove.

2. Five things to try in bed when it’s too hot to touch another human

Your sex life doesn’t have to stall out just because it’s 80 degrees in your apartment. Here are some sexy workarounds.

3. Ask an expert: Why is sex in the water so dry?

From shark attacks to sand in your vagina, we talked to an expert to get all of your most pressing summer vacation questions answered before you head to the beach.

4. Hot, sweaty, and steamy: Your summer fling’s not over yet

You don’t have to wait until summer’s almost over to make the most of the warm weather. Get off to a sexy start with one of these hot-weather date ideas.

5. How to let mermaidcore inspire you in the bedroom

Summer is the perfect time to let out your inner mythical creature and try these six sex positions that would make Ariel blush.

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