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Birth Control
Insured but still paying for birth control? Time to investigate!
New government FAQs make it crystal clear that health insurers really have to cover all birth control methods.
Birth Control
Talking to your health insurance company 101
It may not be a conversation you look forward to, but these tips should make it a whole lot easier.
Birth Control
Open enrollment is over: Can you still get covered?
Big changes in your life? They could make you eligible to get health insurance coverage.
Sex and Relationships
When you don't want to: Dealing with sexual assault
If someone ever makes you do something sexual that you don’t want to do, that’s sexual assault.
Birth Control
How to: Birth control and the pharmacy
Your one-stop shop for the pill, the patch, the ring, barrier methods, and emergency contraception.
Birth Control
Go easy: More women choosing low-maintenance birth control
The IUD and the implant are more popular than ever among women in the United States.
Birth Control
Your health in 2015: Get covered, stay covered!
The time has come to make sure your health insurance is covered for 2015—here's what you need to know, and what you need to do.
Birth Control
5 reasons to say "thanks!" for birth control
Wondering why birth control's kind of a big deal? Let us tell you all about it.
Birth Control
Back to school birth control: 6 questions to answer
Homework isn’t the only thing to stay on top of in college—make sure your sexual health care is covered too!
Sex and Relationships
Phew! Free birth control doesn't lead to riskier sex
Turns out the ladies can keep it in their pants, even when given their choice of free birth control.
Birth Control
Oregon: Killing it when it comes to sexual health care
Portlandia isn't the only reason we love the Beaver State.
Sexual Health and Wellness
Accidental pregnancy: It's a tough nut
When it comes to making progress toward fewer unplanned pregnancies, looks like we need a good nutcracker.
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