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Birth control
On your parents’ health insurance? One more reason to use birth control.
Good to know: if you're insured as a "dependent," you may not be covered for pregnancy.
Activism & politics
How the Title X gag rule will affect you if you’re pregnant and don’t want to be
And how it might also affect you if you’re not pregnant
Birth control
Can pharmacists really prescribe birth control?
In some states, yes!
Activism & politics
How to transform yourself into a boss bitch in only one day
Activism & politics
Defend birth control access: Here’s how
From scripts to videos, we've got the tools you'll need to help protect affordable birth control for all.
Birth control
How 'bout some birth control with your health insurance?
On the bumpy road to fully covered birth control, some progress.
Birth control
Generic vs. brand name birth control: But, I thought it was all covered?
Your insurance has to cover birth control under the Affordable Care Act—so why are some women still paying out of pocket?
Birth control
Go easy: More women choosing low-maintenance birth control
The IUD and the implant are more popular than ever among women in the United States.
Birth control
Don't give up on the Health Insurance Marketplace!
Don't let glitches on stop you from getting coverage.
Birth control
Welcome to the Health Insurance Marketplace!
Get the details on health care coverage and the new Affordable Care Act marketplaces.
Birth control
Your health in 2015: Get covered, stay covered!
The time has come to make sure your health insurance is covered for 2015—here's what you need to know, and what you need to do.
Birth control
The girls' guide to getting some privacy on your parents' health insurance
Your insurance company may be better at protecting your privacy than you think—but you'll never know if you don't ask.
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