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Birth control ring
Meet Annovera, a new type of birth control
It’s a new ring that only needs to be replaced once a year
Health care
5 times you should go see a provider in person
Telehealth is a game-changer, but sometimes you need to go old school
Birth control
Health insurance 2022: These 18 states have their own open enrollment periods and websites for signing up for ACA insurance
Everything you need to know if you live in one of them
Health care
Getting covered 101: How to get health insurance during open enrollment
Not sure if you need health insurance? Want insurance but not sure how to get it? We've got you covered.
Health care
Why NOT to buy a short-term insurance plan
Your guide to getting health insurance for 2021
Dress up as your fave birth control for Halloween this year
Say Thanks, Birth Control the best way we know how
12 Instagram accounts that will instantly make you feel better
Shh shh shh it's okay
Better sex
The best places to have sex in public: Fall edition
It's seasonal, sue us
Health care
How to protect your privacy when getting birth control or STI tests in the mail
It’s not as scary as it sounds
Better sex
5 great reasons to go see a sex therapist
Because sexual health involves mental health too
Better sex
Bone appetit: 10 sexy things to add to your grocery order this week
Your sexy summer grocery list
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
How to get tested (and treated) for STIs without leaving your house
Telehealth options for STI testing can make life easier
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