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  • Does hormonal birth control cause depression?
  • What if I want to start taking my pill at a different time?
  • Is the birth control pill dangerous?
  • Does birth control work the minute I get it?
  • Will birth control make me gain weight?
  • I'm traveling to a different time zone. How can I figure out when to take my pill?
  • I'm on the pill and bleeding between periods. Will this stop?
  • What should I do if I miss a pill?
  • What are the best methods to use if I don't want to have my period?
  • What is levonorgestrel?
  • It seems like every birth control has side effects. Is it really worth it?
  • If I'm using another method of birth control, do I still have to use condoms?
  • Does the pill protect against STIs?
  • I threw up right after taking my pill. Now what?
  • Is it safe to take two pills in one day?
  • Does birth control cause blood clots?
  • How effective is the pill at preventing pregnancy?
  • Which pill is the best one to take?
  • How much does the pill cost?
  • Which birth control method will help reduce my cramps?
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