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  • Is it safe to take the pill for years without a break?
  • Do I have to be sexually active to be on birth control?
  • What are some signs a guy is about to come?
  • What's the difference between the IUDs?
  • What's the difference between Implanon and Nexplanon?
  • Is bacterial vaginosis an STI?
  • My IUD was expelled. Should I try again?
  • Can I use the pill to control when I have my period?
  • I’m a smoker. What birth control options are best for me?
  • Can I get a diaphragm at the grocery store or pharmacy?
  • Is it okay for me to take my own IUD out?
  • When should I start going to the gynecologist or a health clinic?
  • Can the ring get lost in my vagina?
  • What are some of the health benefits of IUDs?
  • I'm traveling to a different time zone. How can I figure out when to take my pill?
  • Is the implant expensive?
  • My boyfriend and I want to be intimate but we don't want to have intercourse at this point. Any suggestions?
  • The ParaGard IUD has copper, right? Is it safe to have the metal inside you?
  • Can the IUD hurt my partner?
  • What is amenorrhea?
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